Monday, November 27, 2006

Migration from Atlas July CTP to ASP.NET Ajax Beta 2

I am developing an application which does not really make use of Atlas controls but has a significant amount of Atlas scripting code to migrate.

I am not found of declarative scripting but maybe I am old-fashioned: I like to step through my code to debug it. My opinion is that declarative scripting is only good as the output of code-generation tools. It is not something that developers should write in a text editor.

So, I have got script to migrate and I have read the documentation available at:

Downloading and installing ASP.NET Ajax Beta 2 is well explained in the documentation but I had to do a bit of guessing as well as exploring Microsoft’s code to migrate my own code. I deliver my findings below:

Migrating client script

  1. To use client scripting of html components, you need to add a reference to PreviewScript.js in your ScriptManager as shown below:

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager" runat="server">
<asp:ScriptReference Assembly="Microsoft.Web.Preview"

  1. $(id) is now $get(id)

  2. The Sys.UI namespace is now Sys.Preview.UI

  3. Sys.UI.Select is now Sys.Preview.UI.Selector

  4. is now Sys.UI.Preview.CheckBox.add_click(handler)

  5. Sys.UI.Select.selectionChanged.add(handler) is now Sys.Preview.UI.Selector.add_selectionChanged(handler)

  6. $addHandler/$removeHandler is the new way to add event handlers

  7. Sys.UI.Control.get_enabled() and set_enabled() no more work

Migrating web service calls

  1. You need to decorate your web services and page methods with new attributes as explained in

  2. The prototype of asynchronous calls to web services and page methods has been simplified, but this is well explained in the documentation listed above.

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