Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Write about Velodoc, get a free license and a chance to win $100 cash

To celebrate the new releases of Velodoc Enterprise Edition, Velodoc XP Edition and Velodoc Outlook Add-In due in September, we will reward the best articles and blog posts written about Velodoc with a $100 cash payment to a Paypal account. The contest will run for the months of September, October and November 2008 and one article or blog post will be rewarded with the $100 cash prize each month. Better, all participants who have submitted a compliant article or blog post will get a full license serial number of Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In worth $37 for free.

How does it work?

  1. Write and publish a new 'How-to' article or blog post comprising (definition of a compliant blog post):
    • At least 250 words giving advice, tips or a tutorial on any Velodoc product in any language that we can translate with Google translation tools,
    • a screenshot of Memba Velodoc,
  2. Submit a comment here with a link to your blog post and how to contact you if you are the winner.
  3. All participants commit to keep the blog post published for a year. Participation is limited to one original blog post per individual.
  4. We require at least 5 participating blog posts in a month to allocate the prize. Otherwise these blog posts will compete with the blog posts submitted on the following month. If this occurs in November, the contest will continue until we have 5 participating blog posts, so there should be a winner anyway.
  5. Participating blog posts will be judged on (1) quality of content and (2) number of referrals sent to our web sites as reported by our traffic analysis tools.
  6. The winning blog posts will be published here below.
  7. At the end of the contest, full licenses of Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In will be made available to all participants who have submitted a compliant blog post.
  8. For any question, use our contact form.

Note that the process is completely transparent: all participating and winning blog posts will be available here as hyperlinks for anyone to read them.

September winner: <to be announced>

October winner: <to be announced>

November winner: <to be announced>

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Velodoc Outlook Add-In is being released

We are currently releasing the Outlook Add-In for Velodoc. We have posted a quick video tour on YouTube. This video demonstrates how to send large files to email contacts using Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In and various file transfer server platforms including Velodoc servers, FTP servers, UNC File Shares, Microsoft BITS Servers and Amazon S3.

You can also find the high-definition version of the video tour on Silverlight Streaming Services.

Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In is open-source and you can download the code from: