Thursday, December 21, 2006

Diagnosing "aspnet_merge.exe exited with code 1” error in Web Deployment Projects

For those that have problems with Error 24 "aspnet_merge.exe" exited with code 1.

The error is related to a duplicate class name in your web project, i.e. two files which have the same name, generally in different directories.

Those files could be hard to find and the following is a quick way to isolate the problem and find the duplicate names.

In Visual Studio 2005:

  • Select Tools --> Options.
  • Then in the Projects and Solutions branch, select Build and Run.
  • You'll see a dropdown box for MSBuild Project Build Output Verbosity. Change this to Diagnostic, and OK.
  • Show your build output by selecting the View --> Output option.
  • Make sure that in the 'Show output from' box, you've selected "Build".
  • Then just build your project, and wait for the inevitable fail. You will see where the duplicates are when it fails to build.

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