Friday, November 30, 2007

Velodoc XP Edition released as open-source

Customers have been asking us about building Velodoc functionality into their own .NET applications. This is now possible with Velodoc XP Edition which has been released as an open-source project and published on:

Velodoc XP Edition includes:

  • ASP.NET Ajax server controls, http modules and http handlers which provide file upload and download functionality;
  • A sample application for sending and receiving large files;
  • A comprehensive documentation kit.

By releasing the core of the Velodoc platform as an open-source project, we expect to gather more customer intelligence and improve the software, so please provide feedback.


Anonymous said...

i think its cool btw, is it really free ? and we may use it in production or even commercial app ?

Anonymous said...

GPL? That's not exactly helpful.

Jacques L. Chereau said...

Hello system.drawing,
Open-source does not mean free software. We are a commercial organization and we need to make money out of our work. I am sure you can appreciate that.
On the other hand we appreciate that you may not have the funds even to pay the small license fee we require and we address this (see below).

Hi Micheal Teper,
I cannot agree with you, GPL is a win-win option:

1) Software is free provided:
a) you keep the copyright and IP ownership statements;
b) you redistribute the sources with the application.
In other words, keep the links to our web site, so that if we do not get any money we at least get references from you.

2) If you have good reasons to remove our name and links to our website include links to download the sources, you are probably a commercial organisation like us, and we request that you purchase a license.

I hope this is clear.