Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Write about Velodoc, get a free license and a chance to win $100 cash

To celebrate the new releases of Velodoc Enterprise Edition, Velodoc XP Edition and Velodoc Outlook Add-In due in September, we will reward the best articles and blog posts written about Velodoc with a $100 cash payment to a Paypal account. The contest will run for the months of September, October and November 2008 and one article or blog post will be rewarded with the $100 cash prize each month. Better, all participants who have submitted a compliant article or blog post will get a full license serial number of Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In worth $37 for free.

How does it work?

  1. Write and publish a new 'How-to' article or blog post comprising (definition of a compliant blog post):
    • At least 250 words giving advice, tips or a tutorial on any Velodoc product in any language that we can translate with Google translation tools,
    • a screenshot of Memba Velodoc,
  2. Submit a comment here with a link to your blog post and how to contact you if you are the winner.
  3. All participants commit to keep the blog post published for a year. Participation is limited to one original blog post per individual.
  4. We require at least 5 participating blog posts in a month to allocate the prize. Otherwise these blog posts will compete with the blog posts submitted on the following month. If this occurs in November, the contest will continue until we have 5 participating blog posts, so there should be a winner anyway.
  5. Participating blog posts will be judged on (1) quality of content and (2) number of referrals sent to our web sites as reported by our traffic analysis tools.
  6. The winning blog posts will be published here below.
  7. At the end of the contest, full licenses of Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In will be made available to all participants who have submitted a compliant blog post.
  8. For any question, use our contact form.

Note that the process is completely transparent: all participating and winning blog posts will be available here as hyperlinks for anyone to read them.

September winner: <to be announced>

October winner: <to be announced>

November winner: <to be announced>


Anonymous said...

on the main memba web site the download for the velodoc enterprise application does not work would it be possible to update the URL on the web site so we can trial the enterprise version?

also do you provide corporate discounts for the use of the outlook add-in? If we have 100 users would a discount be available?

Also do you have a road map you can share about the application? Where it will be going in the future for both the enterprise and XP edition?

Jacques L. Chereau said...

Thank you for your interest.

Please use http://www.velodoc.com/en/contact.htm for sales questions.

The URL is currently broken because we have just removed the v1.0 download as we will add the v1.1 download very soon. If you want to be notified, please use the contact page mentioned hereabove.

I am sure we would be providing discounts for 100 users.

The vision behind the Enterprise Edition is to have the most secure and open file transfer platform.

As far as the roadmap is concerned, it is essentially determined by customer demand and we currently have on the wish list:
- some form of contact lists but we have not determined yet whether we would have our own contact list and/or integrate with existing contact lists like MSN, Yahoo and Google contacts or a mix of both.
- hierarchical folders versus tags to classify files and messages. We currently use a promitive form of tags (categories) which could be enhanced but some users have been requesting folders.
- Configurable forms with custom fileds on the drop box
- more protocols to upload and download files (FTP, WebDAV, BitTorrent, ...)
- more API's and web services to integrate with the server (we have a new client API with the Outlook add-in)
- Connectors for existing LOB applications, especially CRM applications like SalesForce.com

The vision behind the open-source XP Edition is to make the core system available to developers and a simple file transfer platform available to small entities. the features are limited by the fact that we have no plan to integrate a database in the XP Edition.

This is not an exhaustive list and please feel free to make any suggestion or comments about teh priority of the features listed above.